Fuel Round has saved money for EVERY customer on EVERY order since we setup in May 2019.

About Us

Fuel Round is a community buying scheme that secures cheaper heating oil for its customers, primarily using local oil suppliers. This scheme is for anyone in Northern Ireland who wants cheaper heating oil for their home or business.

Our Presence

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The Fuel Round project runs in BT30, BT31, BT33 and eastern parts of BT34. It is in pilot phase in BT24, BT25, BT32 and the remainder of BT34. It is soon to be rolled out to the other postcodes of the province, as a permanent service for Northern Ireland’s residents.

A Positive Response!

James, the founder of Fuel Round, is tired of ever-rising home heating oil bills and wants to ease the pain. By grouping individual orders within a locality, there is opportunity to unlock savings for the supplier, such as driver time, lorry utility and lorry fuel. We are simply asking the supplier to pass these savings back to us, the consumers. Importantly, we don’t seek to squeeze the suppliers’ margins because we value their service and understand that they have families too!

James’ Bio

I am an internet specialist, providing cutting-edge solutions to businesses since 2001, through my company eTrend Ltd.

I help clients gain competitive advantage through the use of internet technologies. Services include online strategy consultation, generic and bespoke tools to generate business value, change management and online marketing campaigns.

I have provided consultation to several large clients, including Hewlett Packard (DXC Technology), Fidelity Investments, Yahoo Finance UK, Voltrex FX and Merrill Brink International (United Language). See James’ LinkedIn profile.