Understanding Fuel Round

Understanding Fuel Round Join Fuel Round to get the very best prices, every time, without the ringing around, saving you an average of 12%. Four short videos explains all you need to know – total viewing time, 5 minutes.

Video 1 How it Works?
Learn how to use Fuel Round – 1m 30s watch time.

Video 2 How Much is Oil?
Learn how the price is set – 1m 45s watch time.

Video 3 Join Fuel Round
How to join Fuel Round and place your first order – 1m 30s watch time.

Video 4 Tips for You
Maximise your savings – 2m watch time.

Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise Fuel Round is a Social Enterprise. We do not take a profit, preferring to reduce prices – after all, reducing prices is our sole purpose – especially important during the pandemic! Read more about us. If you have a social remit and would like to work with us, get in touch.