Fuel Round is an oil buying service for customers who are prepared to wait some time and pay in advance to get a reasonable discount on their home heating oil.

Heating Oil Suppliers

We value your service, and understand that Fuel Round only works if everyone is happy, including oil suppliers.

  • We support supplier margins: We ask you for your price, and accept your first response – no Dutch auctions!
  • We wok to your schedules: We give you 3 days notice of our 5 day delivery window, giving you the best chance to merge our deliveries with your own. We only ask for price discounts in line with the unlocked efficiencies and increased utility this brings.
  • We don’t change our quantities: Once you provide us with a quotation, we do not change our quantities. If we do, we pay you a pre-agreed compensation and remove the offending customer from our customer list.
  • We’ll give you regular business: Fuel Round works with a small panel of preferred suppliers, to increase your chances of success. Wherever possible, panel members will be family-owned businesses already operating in the locality.
  • We respect suppliers time: Fuel Round is efficient (i) we ask you for your ‘best price’ once, and accept it as your best price – we do not hold Dutch auctions, (ii) our customers will call your office to make their payments on a pre-nominated day, and (iii) all tanks are available for delivery, the first time your driver calls.

Supplier Facts!

Fuel Round is a new risk-free way for small suppliers to compete in the bulk order niche, without threatening margins.

Repeat Orders

All members of our supply panel have had repeate business from Fuel Round.

No Nonsense Business!

Our customers call your office to pay in advance, all orders are accompanied with full customer contact details and a tank access note, all tanks are available.

Service Bond

Our customers pay a Service Bond to avail of our service, which is an insurance scheme that underwrites the quantities you base your quotes on.

An Opportunity to Grow

Fuel Round can be your opportunity to compete online, without turning on a computer or spending any money. Get involved, try us, see it as a no-risk opportunity!