Offer – The Heat Is On

Free Offer

What Is It?

Fuel Round has consistently saved 10% to 15% of the price of heating oil for its members in The Mournes Region of Co Down, since it setup in 2019. Every member, every order – see reviews.

#TheHeatIsOn is our countrywide launch, starting on 10 October 2021, right in time for the winter.

Where will be first?

The towns and villages with the most members on 10th of October will go live immediately. Other locations will follow later in the winter.

So, if you want Fuel Round in your locality, register now. Use the coupon code #TheHeatIsOn to get FREE membership for the entire year .

Will you help us?
  • Tell your family, friends and neighbours. Tell everyone!
  • Share this page on your Social Media accounts
  • If you know people in your area that can help us, please contact us
  • Print out a poster for your local high-visibility spots, like your local shop

Posters and Flyers

Help us by printing out a poster or flyer for your local shop or friend.